Additional Charge


Plan Name Pay & Use  (Pay for what you use, incl.GST)
Monthly Plan fee – In addition to the charges $0.00
Call costs when calling:
Local numbers $0.2 per call
STD numbers $0.1 per minute
Mobile numbers $0.2 per minute
13/1300 numbers $0.5 per call
1800 numbers $0
1223 Directory Assistance $1 per call
1225 Directory Assistance $3 per call
Caller ID $3 per month
International calls Not Allowed
Calls are billed per second, the call length detailed in CDR files is in seconds.
All other line features no listed here such as Call Waiting, Call Divert, Call Return, Three Way Call, Voicemail and etc. are disabled.


Telstra PSTN Port Out Fees
Port out charges may apply where a number is ported off of Telstra’s network. A porting fee can be charged to the losing Service Provider based on the type of service, or category of Port request. Where a charge is received from Telstra for a port out, this charge will be passed through to customers.
Category C port out $60
Other port out types Pass-through


Telstra PSTN Line installation charges
In-place telephone line connection $59
In-place telephone line connection with technician visit $125
New telephone line connection $299
New telephone line connection $299
1.In-place telephone line connection – A working telephone socket exists from a previous connection and a Telstra technician is not required to visit the premises.
2.In-place telephone line connection with technician visit – A previous telephone service existed at your business premises and a Telstra technician is required to visit your business property / premises to reconnect existing suitable cabling at the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) or first socket where no Main Distribution Frame exists.
3.New telephone line connection – a telephone service has not previously been connected at your property or premises (although we may have previously installed cabling to your property or premises and you may be able to hear a dial tone).
4.New telephone line connection – Telephone line connection with a technician visit with cabling work – a previous telephone service existed at your property or premises and one of our technicians is required to visit your property or premises to install and/or work on the cabling up to the main distribution frame or first socket where no main distribution frame exists.
5.Please note that any non-standard installations may also be subject to Telstra’s Fee For Service Charges (FFS). FFS will be charged when your premises has an MDF and work to complete installation to the first socket is authorised, or when installation of additional sockets has been specifically requested.


Other Additional Charge
Charge Price (incl.GST)
Static IP Address $10 per month
Dishonored Fee $6.00
Direct Debit Rejections Fee $6.00
Chargeback Fee $44.00
Late Payment Fee $20.00
Fee when a fault raised to the Carrier is not found on the Carrier’s network $165.00
Greenfields Installation $300.00
Order Withdrawal $50.00
Late Cancellation of Appointment or Missed Appointment $90.00
Labor Rate per hour (Rounded up to nearest hour, <50KM to Melbourne & Sydney CBD) $80.00
Fee per hour for an incorrect call out (Charge based on Time on Site (Min $150)) $220.00
Early Termination Fee $199.00
Plan Change Charges   – Upgrade $0.00
Plan Change Charges   – Downgrade $50.00
Fee for end user contacting Telstra/OPTUS Fault Desk directly $100.00
Modem Delivery Fee $15.00/$18.00
Paper Bill $10 per bill
Relocation Fee $99.00/$199.00